What should I do to get into Harvard University as an global student?


Dreaming of Harvard? Navigate the intricate path to Harvard University admission as an international student with this web copy guide. Uncover GPA thresholds, SAT/ACT score expectations, and essential tips to bolster your application. Whether you aspire for undergrad or graduate programs, grasp the intricacies of Harvard’s admission landscape.

Admission Requirements at Harvard University: A Comprehensive Analysis

The subsequent inquiries are as follows: what is the level of difficulty in gaining admission to Harvard University, what are the specific admission prerequisites for Indian students at Harvard University, what minimum GPA is necessary to secure entrance to Harvard, and what minimum marks are required to gain admission to Harvard, among others. Let’s analyses the criteria for scores and admission requirements for overseas students at Harvard University by dividing them into the following sections:

GPA Requirements at Harvard University

An essential factor that ensures your eligibility for Harvard is a consistently excellent academic performance. Keep in mind that Harvard is known for its intense competition, so, being one of the top students in your class will enhance your prospects. Several Harvard institutions enforce a mandatory minimum GPA. Although it may not be of a very high level, it is the minimum prerequisite that must be met in order for your application to be considered acceptable. The average GPA of students accepted to Harvard is approximately 4.18.

Nevertheless, a subpar GPA does not necessarily preclude acceptance into Harvard. If your GPA is poor, it is crucial to ensure that the other components of your application are exceptional. Obtaining a high SAT or ACT score might enhance your prominence and compensate for a lower GPA. The objective is to effectively rival candidates with superior GPAs.

SAT Requirements at Harvard University

Most Harvard schools have their own minimum SAT requirements. Possessing a high score confers an advantage, as it indicates that your SAT score is above the average score of other applicants.
The interquartile range of accepted students at Harvard, specifically the 25th to 75th percentile, fell within the SAT score range of 1460 and 1580. Some Harvard schools may allow you to super score, which means you can submit SAT results from numerous tests. Put simply, it is permissible to take the SAT many times and just report the scores from the exams that yielded the highest score. The application readers will combine the top score from one area with the highest score from another section, regardless of the exam date.

ACT Requirements at Harvard University

Harvard sets the minimum ACT prerequisites, similar to the SAT. For students in the 25th to 75th percentile of Harvard admissions, their ACT Composite score fell within the range of 33 to 35. Students have the autonomy to choose whatever ACT scores they choose to provide to the Harvard schools. If you have taken multiple tests, you are only allowed to submit the score from the exam with the highest result. Harvard requires that you also complete the SAT Essay or ACT Writing part. Therefore, achieving outstanding performance in these sections is equally essential.

GRE Score Requirements at Harvard University

The competition for admission to graduate programs at Harvard is quite intense, similar to the admissions process for undergraduate programs. Hence, if you are seeking GRE scores required for admission to Harvard, it is important to note that most graduate programs do not have a specific minimum GRE score requirement. The criteria, meanwhile, can be ascertained by examining the customary test scores of Harvard applicants. The majority of admitted Harvard students typically have GRE scores that range between Verbal: 155 to 166, Quant: 155 to170 for Quant, Analytical Writing: 4.5 to 5.0
It is essential to remember that each program has distinct score prerequisites. Verbal expectations are more demanding in reading and writing-oriented programs such as English Literature, while numeric expectations are more demanding in computer science programs and math and science-oriented programs.

GMAT Score Requirements at Harvard Business School

Similar to other streams, gaining admission to the Harvard Business School is characterised by intense competition. A robust GMAT score is a prerequisite for admission into the university’s management programs. Harvard presents a student’s GMAT result in relation to the median score of the class, rather than using the average. The median GMAT score for applicants to the Harvard Business School is 730.

English Language Proficiency test IELTS/TOEFL Score Requirements

Harvard should be provided with the outcomes of all English language competency assessments conducted by international students. Verify with the particular program and institution, as the ratings may vary between different programs. Harvard’s majority of academic schools consider TOEFL scores around 80 and IELTS scores around 7.5. For further assistance or information on meeting these requirements, students may consider reaching out to services like All Assignment Help UAE.

Strategic Steps for Harvard Admission

If you are contemplating how to gain admission to Harvard, it is imperative that you commence your preparations immediately. The forthcoming guidance will prove beneficial:

Conduct In-Depth Research: 

Thoroughly investigate the university and programs you intend to apply to. Consequently, it is necessary for you to commence the process of enhancing your profile, composing a Statement of Purpose, and reaching out to potential recommenders.

Initiate Early Preparations: 

Ensure that you commence your preparation well in advance. Devote your attention to achieving exceptional academic performance at your educational institution and commence your preparations for the standardised examinations. Engage in test-taking exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Cultivate a Well-Rounded Profile: 

Harvard seeks qualities and achievements that go beyond academic excellence. Focus on enhancing your comprehensive profile by accumulating work experience, engaging in volunteer work, participating in extracurricular activities, and so on.

Leverage Student Communities for Information: 

Participate in Harvard University communities alongside fellow applicants to engage in discussions and acquire further information.

Confidence in Your Potential: 

Do not undervalue yourself or your profile. The admissions process at Harvard operates in a distinct manner. Something that could be advantageous for you is a certain aspect that you previously considered insignificant. Seize this opportunity with utmost effort, as it is a singular occurrence in your lifetime, and let the outcomes unfold naturally.


Harvard beckons ambitious international students, and meticulous preparation is the key. Align your academic prowess with the outlined requirements, cultivate a standout profile, and embark on this transformative journey. Remember, Harvard seeks more than grades< it craves diverse narratives and exceptional individuals. Give it your all, and let the allure of Harvard unfold as you craft a compelling application.