Are students in Dubai burdened with too much homework?

Are students in Dubai burdened with too much homework


But for a while now, parents and child therapists have been wondering if children who have too much homework are experiencing dangerous levels of stress. More than 20 pupils said that they agreed that having too much homework is stressful when asked by Khaleej Times last week. Some even said that it could affect their “mental and physical abilities.”

In response to the question of whether a student may suffer from having too much homework. As a result, a lot of schools claimed that if homework is done “the right way,” it can be helpful. Many students are also availing professional writing help from UAE assignment help for completing their assignments with good marks.

Lots of homework is the biggest issue for parents:

After that family time is incredibly important for a healthy mind as well as it should be protected without the kids having to come home after a very full day of studying and launch into more of the same.” “Things that really matter, like exercise, sleep, and social interactions, which are vital for students’ cognitive, physical, and emotional development, should never take precedence over homework,” . Having said that, homework may be beneficial for secondary school children. However, as long as it is structured to enhance, expand, and solidify what they have learned. In addition, homework assignments should be customisable for each student, and teachers should provide specific feedback. As long as these elements are there, homework is beneficial.”

Great initiative taken by schools:

By introducing a new project to kids, one school in Dubai is attempting to make schoolwork appealing to them. The Gems Founders School’s “Learning Menu” programme lets students choose the type of schoolwork they want to complete on their own.
“With this initiative, students can research topics through a choice-based approach, much like a food menu,” stated Ian Plant, the school’s head of secondary education. Pupils select their “starter,” “mains,” and “dessert,” along with any auxiliary materials that would enhance and expand their efforts. 

Early on in the project, we discovered that students are better capable of organising their free time and are more tactical in their approach to coping with stress, fatigue, and/or lack of sleep. I firmly think that promoting this shift in perspective and methodology about the conventional homework structure can only be beneficial for fostering student creativity, productivity, and results.”

Students feel that moderation and balance are crucial:

Even with the introduction of new tactics by schools to make homework more appealing, children continue to experience “stress” that they attribute to an overabundance of at-home learning.

More than 20 students expressed in a letter to the Khaleej Times that having too much schoolwork can cause stress. There are some students that I came across, who feel that “too much homework can be harmful”.

It might have an impact on the student’s physical and mental faculties, as well as their family. Pupils in academically successful areas who spend excessive amounts of time on homework report higher levels of stress, physical health issues, a lack of balance in their lives, and social alienation. I think it’s detrimental to spend more than two hours doing homework every night.

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Students views on homework:

A students of a fifth-grader in Dubai, stated that schoolwork needs to be “like a balanced diet”. According to her, homework should not cause students to feel “overworked,”. Therefore, rather should be able to help them be productive.
“The idea of homework is not to stress but to develop positive study habits that can help us well throughout life,” she stated. “I believe that homework is similar to a well-balanced meal in that it keeps our minds active when consumed in moderation. Research projects are given as homework at our school. Which encourages me to learn about subjects not included in the course materials. If properly organized, homework allows plenty of time for leisure as well. However, I wholeheartedly concur that doing too much schoolwork can be unpleasant and result in health issues.”

Students want homework should be assigned in “minimal amounts” so that students can participate in extracurricular activities. “Too much homework causes you slog because of the lack of concentration after a certain point of time, then it becomes a chore rather than a prolonged learning experience,”.

Final words:

“They have a tonne of math and reading tasks. They have a tonne of maths worksheets and tale books to complete. The school provides the kids with worksheets and picture books. However, students must start working on them right immediately and complete them gradually. “They have to do their homework and study, so we don’t go out on the weekends. Occasionally, kids remain up late finishing their reading when we do go out. However, they experience fatigue when they wake up, which affects their weekly sleep schedule as a whole.”