The History of United Arab Emirates

The History of United Arab Emirates

So, we have heard the story of many nations and how they develop after a war or a crisis. But we never actually heard about the history of UAE right? Surprisingly, the UAE has a rich historical background. This land which is now recognized as the center of innovation and technology has a vast historical background dating back to hundreds of years. So, let’s start with the ancient history of this land that we know about briefly. Let’s start.

Ancient Roots

What do you think the UAE was like years ago? Well, it was the land of “nomadic tribes.” The most ancient settlement that we know about on this land was around 5500 BCE. So ancient right? Yup, and you know those people were experts in fishing and hunting. As we know the UAE grows a lot of dates, it was not different at that time either. The people were experts in growing dates.

Center of Trade

Well, the UAE was once the center of trade. That sounds interesting! Many traders from different civilizations like the Indus Valley would come here for trade. Maybe it was because of the coastal advantage here as they work as the port for trade connecting this land with the other regions of the world.

Pearls Diving

The field of pearl diving was really famous at that time in the UAE because of the coastal region. It contributed a lot to the development of this industry. The sea in the UAE was full of oysters and pearls, which were exported around the world. So, it really served a lot in their economic development.

Colonial Encounters

Ah, the colonial rule. Almost half of the world faced this phase. So, in the 16th century, the UAE was ruled by the colonials, but in the next century, they managed to take over control. The locals took control and took back their land from them.

UAE- A Union of Seven Emirates

Today, the UAE is a union of seven emirates. What’s interesting is that these Emirates were not united before and held their separate identities. But to overcome the British rule, the leaders of the six Emirati – Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah, and Umm Al-Quwain came together and laid the foundation of the UAE in December 1971. Later, the seventh Emirati- Ras Al Khaimah also joined them in 1972 in their union. This was the historic day in the history of the UAE and 2nd December is still celebrated as the National Day throughout the UAE.

UAE flag history

So, the rich history of the UAE is full of stories of unity and faith. But what about their flag? Obviously, every nation has its own flag and now as UAE has established and identified itself as a separate nation, it requires a flag. Let’s see how the flag of this land has evolved over time. 
The very first flag of this land was either plain black or it was white rectangles. So, it was kind of white and black just like the old movies but later they start using red and gold colors in their flag. Speaking of now, the flag of the UAE consists of four colors out of which three colors red, white, and green, were first used in 1800 in the Omani period. At that time, the flag design was different but after the union of the seven Emirati and the foundation of the United Arab Emirates, the design of the flag change. So, the four colors that represent the flag of the UAE represent the following characteristics.
Red – Courage
White – Purity
Green – Hope
Black – Defeating Enemies
Wow, isn’t that amazing that each color is representing the quality of this great land? Let’s move forward and Assignment Help Dubai will help you see how UAE became what it is now- The center of innovation and technology. 

Nation-Building in Progress

So, Imagine UAE, what will come to your mind? Tall buildings, Amazing Sky scrapers, Tech-savvy items, right? But it was not like this before. The UAE was like any normal country developing at its own pace but then they discovered oil. Yup, you heard me right! This oil discovery turned the fate of the UAE and transformed it into what we know today. 

Obviously, with oil discovery comes economic prosperity and development in the region. UAE started to flourish and prosper like a car whose brakes have failed. They invested so much in their infrastructure development and technology that now they are famous for their iconic buildings like Burj Khalifa and Museum of the Future. Both of these buildings represent the amazing work of architecture that is famous worldwide. 

Wrapping it Up

So, the history of the UAE is full of struggles and efforts that make it what it is today. When UAE was developed, it wasn’t this much stable economically as it is today. It faces a lot of struggles of its own but what turns its fate was the oil discovery in the region and it transforms it into a center of technology and innovation that is known worldwide for its amazing architecture and technology.